He Made $1.5 Million in Profit in 7 Months With Affiliate Marketing at 26 Years Old

Sales Tip Five

One of the greatest life skill tips, I have ever seen, is to apply the rulle of five. This simple daily commitment, to carry out an additional five activities, when you feel that you want to give up. This simple rule, has supported me to dramatically improve my sales perfromance and results.

Why Salespeople Fail in Complex Sales

Salespeople can face one or more of twelve problems associated with selling in a complex sales environment. Dealing with multiple stakeholders directly and indirectly in the decision process, over an extended period creates long selling/buying cycles. This can impact on the service provider’s revenues, cashflow and place additional pressure on salespeople. The article lists the twelve problems and has suggestions of what to do.

Sales Tip Four

Encountering customers, who object to the price you charge for your product or service, is as old as time itself. I want to add at the outset that, if you are encountering this objection at the end of every sales meeting, then you have made a one or all of the fundamental errors listed below: Error no 1: You may not have invested sufficient time to properly qualify your prospect. Are you in front of the perfect future customer, who needs exactly what you have to sell?

Sales Tip Three

TOP PERFORMERS When connecting with prospective customers, we noticed that the top performers showed a real interest in their future customers. They demonstrated their interest, by asking a number of meaningful questions. As they asked questions, they acquired the information they needed and their customers feel heard.

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It

Peter Drucker-author of over 39 books on business-has been credited with inventing modern business management. He’s credited with perhaps the most fundamental quote in business management, and it’s this: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

5 Ways to Get a Jump on Fall Production

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a tough year. First the pandemic; then being sent home to work; then finding it hard to contact people-who are also working from home…

How to Successfully Sell in a Covid19 Era

Covid19 is creating new sales challenges because buyer behaviour has and continues to change. It has impacted our daily lives and how we go about doing business.

Current Perspectives in Sales

“A good salesperson can sell anything to anyone.” True or false? The statement infers a salesperson who has mastered the skill of selling, possess the ability to convince any person to buy any product or service. This is a myth.

How Your Attitude About Sales, Affects Your Sales

Have you ever stopped and examined your attitude about sales? About having to be a salesperson? When someone asks you what you do for a living, are you embarrassed to say you’re in sales? Do you find that demeaning?

3 Keys to Dealing With Difficult Prospects

I listen to a lot of calls each week that my clients send me. This week, I listened to a closing call from one of their reps, and here is how the prospect opened the call: Prospect: “Let me just tell you upfront that we’re looking at a lot of different options right now of which yours is just one… “

Share Your Backstory and Inspire Your Customers

Sharing your backstory can build trust and create meaningful connections with customers and prospects. Your backstory of how you overcame obstacles and achieved success can inspire your listener to take action. The article shares how and why this is so important.

Handling Covid-19 Stalls Via Email

Do any of these email responses from prospects or customers sound familiar? “Everything is on hold right now.” “Due to the circumstances, we just don’t have the budget right now.” “We’re not making any decisions right now.” “This just isn’t a good time for us-I’m sure you can understand.”

Zoom: 5 Quick Tips to Use It Effectively

By now, we’re all settled in at home and seamlessly conducting our business by phone and Zoom meetings, right? Well, not so fast… Like you, I’ve greatly increased my Zoom meetings, and I’ve been disturbed by what I’ve seen. There has been a surprising lack of professionalism, lack of preparation, and in general an unorganized and ineffective approach to conducting Zoom meetings. As you know, first impressions are everything, and if you’re meeting with a prospect or client over Zoom there are some things you definitely don’t want to do, and others that you do want to do.

5 Secrets for Successfully Working From Home

So how is working at home going for you? Have you found a way to keep the dog from barking? How about the kids? And what about the gardener that blows every Tuesday? Oh, and don’t forget to actually work! You remember, the prospecting calls you need to make, the demos you need to book, and the prospects you’re supposed to be following up with.

Success: Can You Truly Plan to Be Successful

This article focuses on how to plan to be successful. It looks at leaving nothing to chance and focusing on making plans to succeed. The successful plan their path.

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