3 Selling Techniques to Use During Covid-19

Things have changed-have you noticed? Of course you have; you’re probably working from home right now… The question is: Have you changed the way you’re approaching your prospects and clients? Believe it or not, I’m still getting the same old emails and the same old phone calls from companies trying to sell me their products and services in the same old way. It’s not working for them.

Covid-19 Email Responses to Use Now

In my continuing blog series on how to handle the stalls, objections, and real-world situations in sales caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, below you’ll find some suggested email responses to situations you may be running into. Couple of things to remember about this challenging time: 1) Don’t pressure people right now. The challenges your prospects are going through are the same ones you are. If now isn’t a good time for them, respect that! Be concerned about how they are doing and ask them how they are getting along.

Script to Deal With the Covid-19 Objection

“We’re just not doing anything until this virus situation is settled… ” Sound familiar? It should. You probably get this objection, or some version of it, every day now.

Why Value Based Storytelling Is the Path to Success

Sales has changed, and typical sales methods are not effective with today’s Internet-savvy buyer. Storytelling is a must-have skill that is effective in every phase of the sales cycle. Even the Harvard Business Review is saying stories are sticky & PowerPoint presentations are not. Stories engage your audience & motivate them to act.

Do You Want It More Than They Do?

This came up in a coaching session with a client earlier this week and it’s so important that I wanted to mention it here for my virtual community too:-) *** Have you ever stayed on a sales call wayyyy too long knowing you are crossing your own boundaries around time? But you convince yourself to do it because you really just want to help that person? Maybe to the point you are even late…

Your Value to the Marketplace Is the Problems You Can Solve

What is it that your business prospect and customer really want? How can we be more influential? How can you Sell More? Here is the Secret – Your Value to the Marketplace is the Problems You Can Solve! That’s it! Enjoy this inspiring article by one of the masters of selling and success.

This Is the Most Important Qualifying Question

If I asked you what the most important qualifying question was, what would you (or your team) say? Budget? Decision making process? Buying motives? Needs or pain points? These are all important, of course, but they aren’t what-in my mind-is most important of all. And that is: Timeline for making a decision to move forward.

How To Get Your Customers To Promote Your Products

If you want your customers to promote your products online, you will need to create a strategy that encourages them to do it. Part of that strategy obviously needs to involve simply asking them to tell people.

Is Cold Calling Dead?

I received an email last week from a real estate rep asking me if cold calling was dead. If you’re wondering the same thing, ask yourself this question: Think about all the times you pick up your phone to reach out to new buyers: those people you see on social media who you think would be a good fit, all the leads that your company generates that request more information, all your clients whom you call to upsell, the “qualified” leads you or your company pay for that you call, etc.

How To Trigger A Positive Response To Your Offers

The more you put your audience first in everything you do for them, the more you’ll be able to identify important emotions for them that trigger the response you want in them. As long as you have their best interests at heart, this power will not be misused. Instead, it will work wonders because they’re going to feel as if you can read their mind.

Do This to Develop the Attitude of Top Producers

Legendary basketball player and coach John Wooden said something years ago that I have adopted as a life philosophy: “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” Living by this philosophy has enabled me to accomplish much in my life, and it was the spring board to transitioning to top performance in sales.

Ultimate Guide to Ensure Mobile App’s Conversions

While most businesses are now thinking to have a personalised app to market their products or services, it’s the conversion rate that matters most for an app’s success. Have a brief read at this article to know what are the sure-shot ways to make sure your newly-built app converts well.

How Good Stories Can Change No to YES

Learn how stories can resolve the inner conflict in decision making. Good stories that contain the essential elements can persuade customers to say YES! This article discusses how customers say No or are indecisive and how a good story can help them decide to buy your product or service or support your cause.

Things To Know About The Top Drivers Of The Global POS Cash Drawer Market

The cash drawer plays a dominant role in the POS system. There are basically three initiative drivers for determining the global POS cash drawer market share. All these three drivers have the potential to work together and enhance the effectiveness of the market penetration by the cash drawers and POS system. Read more

How To Write An Excellent Sales Letter In Two Hours

You wish to have the ability to write a fantastic sales letter. If you’re able to write excellent copy, then you’re ready to make more money and develop your client base. You are snowballing that by short-term success into long-term success. You do not only wish to have the ability to compose outstanding sales copy. You want to have the ability to produce an excellent sales copy in a brief moment.

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