How To Make Money Online By Typing in 2022 (For Beginners)

Legal Intake: The Key to Increasing Conversion Rates

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know I work in a variety of industries and with many different companies in those industries. At first, when new companies are going to engage with me, some will ask what kind of experience I have in their specific vertical. My answer is always the same: sales skills and best practice selling techniques are transferrable. Core inside sales skills and strategies work in all industries (that is why they are foundational) and can be adapted to work effectively in other industry. And this is especially true in the legal field. For over a year now, I’ve been training some of the largest and most successful legal firms in the country and helping their intake teams dramatically increase their conversion percentage of inbound leads.

Why Johnny Can’t Sell

There are many reasons why certain people are not successful at sales. Rarely does it have to do with the product, the territory, the price or the other common excuses that these people make when they have difficulty closing deals. It may be best to review some of the basics when selecting talent and understanding why some sales reps close more sales than others.

The Best Sales Technique And Script Ever

As a sales professional of many years in fashion retail and other industries I’ve heard all the sales techniques and received countless lectures delivering winning scripts. I read, listened, processed and analysed all of the information handed down and as a non-conformist discarded 99% of it. There are also those who consider themselves sales training gurus who profess they know it all.

The 7 Most Powerful Habits Of The Richest Salespeople

Many can’t manage to understand how they do it, others often make up excuses to justify their failures in comparison to the incredible success that the few top performers have. But if you look at them more closely, the best sales professionals, the richest ones, have common traits that make them successful.

The Passive Income Myth

And start researching leveraged income streams. Find out what it will really take to set one up and get started. It may not be passive, but it’s income that requires less of you one-on-one or one-to-many. And that means more time to work on your portfolio or pina coladas.

Cold Calling Sucks, But Only If You Suck At It

There is a lot of talk these days about how cold calling sucks. And I agree-it can be brutal. When I started my career in the financial industry, I had to make more than 150 cold calls every day. Sometimes, I’d be so beaten up by 11 am that I just wanted to go to lunch and never come back! I knew that if I continued like that, I wouldn’t make it in sales, and I knew that something needed to change. What I finally figured out was that the top reps in the company didn’t mind cold calling. In fact, they actually “smiled and dialed.” I soon learned that cold calling sucked because I sucked at it. And I became determined to change that…

What Is Behind Struggling Sales?

Sales went from stagnant to declining. What is behind the trend and will it continue? The answer to the second is YES and the reason is the answer to the first – an ongoing shortfall of peak spenders. While market makers are worried about wage increases and a rise in inflation what we should be worried about is a persistent slide in sales from an increasing deficit in peak spenders. The unescapable outcome is a major economic downturn.

Sales Follow Up, The Easy Part of Sales That Is Being Ignored

Through my experience as an independent sales rep all these years I saw it happening again and again and again. Good salespeople putting an effort, convincing the prospect and at the end..

Building Rapport – It’s The Little Things That Matter Most

We’ve all been there: you’re in the middle of something and your phone rings and it’s a sales person calling. You know instantly how the call is going to go just based on the first few sentences the sales rep utters. And if you listen for just 2 minutes longer, your hunch is confirmed – it’s either a “good” call or a “used car salesman” call. And unfortunately, many calls these days sound like the latter. So what can you do to instantly make your calls better? It all starts with focusing on building rapport. Rapport is simply defined as making a true connection with the person you are speaking with, rather than treating them as a prospect you can sell your product or services to. Ultimately, it’s about treating your prospect with respect, you know, the way you would like to be treated.

For Success In Any Business Organization, Everybody Must Sell

If you want a successful business, you need to ask four key sales-related questions of your entire staff, not just your sales representatives. Answering the four questions can lead to better customer relationships and increase future sales.

The Proper Way To Follow Up On A Lead

The secret of sales: 90% of selling situations are recurring selling situations, which means if you want to become a superstar sales person, then you have to take the time to script out a best practice response to them. And that means you have to stop ad-libbing your way through your sales career. Think about it: you wouldn’t want a dentist to make it up as he goes along, would you? Of course not! You count on your dentist to be prepared and trained on the up to date, best practices for handling your dental situation. The same is true in sales.

Catering Equipment Sales: Types of Sales

Throughout the year there are many sales that take place, some occur on a daily basis, others occur weekly, monthly, seasonally or on special occasions. If you are a bargain hunter then you are always keeping an eye out for the sales, especially if you are a restaurant owner who wants to keep costs low. Here are the types of sales that take place throughout the year.

Is This a Good Time to Speak?

How do you feel about this opening? People either love it or hate it. Some sales people think it’s a more courteous way of speaking to a new prospect, that it shows respect and separates you from all the other salespeople who are barging in and delivering a monologue. Other people are against using this opening believing that it gives the prospect control of the call and an easy way to get rid of them. So which way is right? The answer is the latter-but with some qualifiers.

Nurturing Leads to Benefit Your Business

When it comes to making connections and eventually converting your leads to clients, it may not be enough to simply post top-notch content. You need to make those leads feel as though you are speaking directly to them and nobody else.

4 Powerful Tony Robbins Quotes That Can Increase Your Sales

Every time I talk about Tony Robbins, I feel intense emotions. Tony taught me a lot and made a difference in my private and professional life.

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